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Metering Products

Engineering, Technology and Skids for Oil & Gas.
It is an Italian company whose main objective is the supply of products, package units and systems, used in plants in energy, oil/gas and petrochemical production fields. The main fields of activity of the company are the design, detailed engineering and supply of complex equipment and systems such as measuring skids, pneumatic instrumentation panels among others intended mainly for the production of Oil & Gas, petrochemicals and energy.

Main Activities

Design and Engineering: process, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumental
Skid for fuel gas treatment including: filtration unit, indirect gas heating, gas pressure reduction and gas metering system for power generation turbine
Skid for indirect gas heater
Skid for water injection in wellheads
Lube Oil Console Coolers
Skid for injection and odorization of natural gas
Skid for chemical injection and mixing reaction tank with metering pump
Skid and control panel for burner management system “BMS”.

Blender Units

Mixing units are designed to mix incoming products with percentages regulated by control valves and flow transmitters and obtain different products in the output lines that are controlled by control valve and pressure transmitter.
The product entry and exit lines are enabled by motorized solenoid valves.
The control system is usually performed by others and is connected to all components of the skate using cables connected directly from the instrument to the remote panel or through interposed junction boxes. The system can be equipped with three gas sensors and a signaling horn.

Metering Skids

The Measuring Skid consists of a metal structure on which pipes, ball valves, butterfly control valves, pressure safety valves, pressure gauges, drainage system, field instrumentation and auxiliary equipment have been installed.
Part of the ball valves are equipped with electric dips to allow automated flow control and operation setting.
All valves are DBB designed to provide double insulation.
The instrumentation consists of a flow meter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitters and a controller batch.

Junction Boxes

The junction boxes are designed to contain flow, level and pressure transmitters, ensuring full access to the instrument, manifold and accessories thereof; They also provide protection to the instrumentation of:
Weather conditions (humidity, rain and dust)
Corrosion (industrial)
Mechanical Damage
The junction box, the sunshade and the protections described are the solution for protecting process instrumentation against the
elements, industrial environments and mechanical damage.

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulically actuated valve actuators are the primary application of HPU SITES. SITES offers a complete hydraulic system designed to operate any number of valves from a single control center.
Hydraulic power is ideal for applications requiring valve modulation, regulation or on/off service. And, with accumulator backup, SITES hydraulic power units provide the perfect solution for emergency stop and fail-safe applications.
HPUs are designed to provide enough pressure and volume to move valves individually or in unison, depending on customer needs. Satellite accumulators are available for fail-safe applications.

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