Lubricated plug valves “Standard Type” are metal seated valves providing a tight shut off ( 0 leakage ) sealing, valves shall be regularly lubricated along with their operation by injection of suitable grease. Thanks to the absence of any body cavity and as well as a simple & tough design, they are highly recommended for handling medium/low pressure high viscosity media &/or with an high % of solids contents; Thanks to its simple & tough design, and to the absence of any soft part ( Elastomers or Thermoplastic) , they are highly recommended to handle high Temperature services, they are also available with a partial/or full Steam Jacket on valve body. As for all the Lubricated Plug Valves family, they always provide an excellent resistance to abrasion, they are free from routine maintenance, providing a long service life. They are also available with 3 or 4 Ways Multiport design.

DN 1/2” to 16”
Class: up to 300
API 2000 to API 10000
Psi-Size: DN 2 1/16” to 7 1/2”

Type API 6D – 2 Ways, 3 & 4 Ways Multiport

Production Range:

API6D ASME/ANSI 150 up to 300 Lb
Available in SHORT, REGULAR & FULL BORE Pattern.
DN 1/2” to 16”
Class: up to 300

Operation Types:

Manual Gear or Wrench Operated
Electric Actuator
Pneumatic/Hydraulic actuator single or double acting
Gas Over Oil
Electro Hydraulic

Main Applications:

High Viscosity Low pressure application ( Mud, Slurry etc..)
Any High Temperature Application
Steam Jacketed High Temperature Service ( i.e. Bitume, Sulphur etc ..)
3 or 4 Ways Valves Selector, Mixing, Diverting services

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