Complete actuation solutions with scotch yoke actuators for 1/4 turn (Quarter Turn) and linear (Linear) valves, which can be fed by different types of fluids. The actuators have double guide or quadruple guide technology in the Scottish yoke, which makes it the most robust, precise and reliable actuator on the market. DVG manufactures single and double action pneumatic, electro pneumatic, hydraulic, gas hydraulic actuators, DVG actuators They are manufactured in Piacenza, Italy.


Low pressure instrumentation air actuated piston type scotch yoke actuators, suitable for operating linear or quarter turn valves. Their reliable, high-efficiency design makes them ideal for upstream FPSOs (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Units) and oil fields, Natural Gas (LNG) and refineries.


High pressure hydraulic fluid actuated piston type scotch yoke actuators, suitable for operating linear or quarter turn valves. Their technical characteristics make them ideal for Upstream Wellheads and Offshore Platforms.

Gas Powered

High pressure hydraulic gas/natural gas actuated piston type scotch yoke actuators, suitable for operating linear or quarter turn valves. The design of its control system is based on a manifold manufactured in-house, which are suitable for gas pipelines and compression plants.


The electrically operated hydraulic power unit can be centralized at the plant to power multiple actuators or mounted directly on each hydraulic actuator and become a completely self-contained unit. These solutions can be implemented on Upstream Wellheads and Offshore platforms, gas pipelines, metering skids and storage systems.

Smart Valves Controller

ITVC is a valve controller covering all smart applications for actuators and valves; It is programmable, modular, flexible and can meet a wide range of customer requirements, including single or multiple control function, all in a single device.

Actuators Accesories

DVG pneumatic and hydraulic control system and automation components. Compact design. All sizes available. Panel or cabinet design. All stainless steel version available. Low temperature version -60°C + 85°C

Gas Powered

Intelligent Total Valve Control

Product Description

NR EP2682611 (European Pat.)
NR 1412566 (Italian Pat.)

Suitable for operating, testing and intelligently controlling any type of valves mainly in pipeline (gas or crude oil) and HPU controller application.

DVG Accessories
for Actuators

GDI offers its customers the entire line of DVG accessories, for optimal operability of the Actuators we offer, making us distributors with the best after-sales service on the market.

Smart Diagnostic and Control Unit

Control systems are typically an integral part of each DVG actuator and are all customized according to our customers’ specific operational and functional requirements. Over the years, DVG developed many pneumatic and hydraulic components to improve and enhance the performance of our actuator control system.

DVG Control System R1

Self-contained hydraulic unit (SCHU)
High pressure manifold for gas actuated actuator
Piloted Valves
Quick exhaust valves
Flow regulating valves
High pressure regulator
Pneumatic High Pressure Line Breaking Device

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